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How to connect your Slingbox to your wireless network using an Apple AirPort Express

Configuring an Apple AirPort Express as a wireless bridge on your home network is easy and quick. This article provides more information.

While the simplest and most stable way to connect your Slingbox to your router is by a direct Ethernet connection or a pair of SlingLink TURBO devices if you router is far away from your TV, these solutions are not always practical.

Some wireless routers, like the Apple AirPort Express, have only one Ethernet port. So, once you've plugged in your DSL or Cable modem, you have no place to plug in the Slingbox.

And in some homes, the SlingLink devices just don't work. The reason is usually because of multiple power supplies in the home or old wiring. But no matter the reason, they don't work and you need another solution.

While the Apple AirPort Express is a wireless router, it can also be used as a wireless bridge, connecting wired devices like the Slingbox to your wireless network. And setup is a snap!

This article walks you through the setup of an AirPort Express used as a wireless bridge on your home network. When you are done, you should be able to connect your Slingbox to the AirPort Express with the provided Ethernet cable.

But enough of this jabber. Let's get to work!

1) What you need


2) Plug in your new AirPort Express

airport-plugged-in-img.ashxThe first step is to plug your new AirPort Express into a wall outlet near your Slingbox.

If the AirPort Express is already configured for another use, you need to reset it back to factory settings before you begin. Detailed instructions for how to do this are in the documentation that came with your AirPort Express.



3) Open up the AirPort Utility

Now launch the AirPort Utility application. If you're on a Mac, chances are this application is already installed. If you are using a Windows PC, you must install the software from the CD that came with your AirPort Express.

Once open, the AirPort Utility looks for unconfigured base stations and presents them to you on the left side of the window. They are named something like "Apple Network 0703d".

4) Select the unconfigured AirPort Express

You are warned that you are switching networks. While you are configuring your AirPort Express, you do not have access to the Internet.

5) Configure your AirPort Express to extend your wireless network

First, select Connect to my current wireless network.


On the next screen, select Extend the range of my AirPort Extreme or AirPort Express network.


Then, select your network. If your network is secure, you need to enter the password here.


6) Connect your Slingbox to the AirPort Express

airport-plugged-in-to-slingbox2-img.ashxConnect an Ethernet cable to the Network port on the back of your Slingbox. Connect the other end to the Ethernet port on the bottom of your AirPort Express.

After you have hooked your video source up to the Slingbox, plug it into the power outlet. The network light blinks for about 30 seconds. If your AirPort Express is configured properly, the network light stops blinking and remains on once it has established itself on your home network.

Your Airport Express is now functioning as a wireless bridge!

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