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Having problems in SlingPlayer for iPhone with remote control buttons?

When your Slingbox is connected to specific set-top boxes, some buttons from your remote control may not appear or may not not work properly in SlingPlayer for iPhone.

We're aware of problems with some of these set-top boxes:

  • Time-Warner/Scientific Atlanta 8300 series cable boxes
  • FiOS set-top boxes
  • DIRECTV set-top boxes
  • Apple TV
  • DISH 322 set-top box
  • In Europe: Sky, Sky+, and Sky+HD set-top boxes
Details are below. Be sure to check out the related articles if this doesn't sound like your particular problem.

With these set-top boxes, the problems are typically with the DVR button:


This and other buttons may be missing, duplicated, in the wrong place, or they may not work. This issue is rare, and we're doing everything we can to resolve it.

Time-Warner/Scientific Atlanta 8300 series cable boxes:

If you have a Time-Warner/Scientific Atlanta 8300 series cable box, and you already have a Slingbox, the DVR button may not work. Here's a workaround:

1. Tap the Remote button in SlingPlayer.


2. When the control buttons appear, swipe them to the left or to the right until you find the Settings button in the remote controls. Tap it.


3. Use this Settings button to change the settings on your set-top box.

FiOS set-top boxes:

On some FiOS set-top boxes, the Page up and Page down buttons may not work.

DirecTV set-top boxes:

There may also be problems with some DirecTV set-top boxes. The Page up and Page down buttons may not work.

Apple TV:

When you press the Remote button in SlingPlayer to use the remote controls, there is no button for the menu. Only the D-Pad ("Directional pad") controls appear. The work around is to go back to the main control screen and use the Menu button there.

Dish 322 set-top box:

When you press the Remote button, the Favorites button may not appear. At this time, there is no workaround but we are working to resolve this issue.

In Europe--Sky, Sky+, and Sky+HD receiver set-top boxes:

When you use the D-Pad ("Directional pad") controls, the PG buttons (Page Up and the Page Down) buttons don't work. The workaround is to use the Up and Down buttons on the central D-Pad.


A more permanent solution:

Here's a more permanent solution to the problem. It may work in some, but not in all situations.

  1. Go to Watch on
  2. Reconfigure the video source.

Still having problems with your set-top box?

First, see the related articles in this window. After you read them, if you continue to have problems with the remote functions on your iPhone or iPod touch, please let us know.


Affected Products
  • SlingPlayer for iPhone
Affected Countries
  • All
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