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I got a new cable or satellite set-top box and now I can't control my TV

Got a new cable or satellite set-top box? Let's reconfigure your Slingbox to work with the new hardware!

Follow these steps to get your Slingbox reconfigured to support your new set-top box.

Note that the steps are somewhat different for newer Slingbox models versus older ones, so be sure to go to the correct section.

For the Slingbox M1

  1. Load Slingplayer for Desktop on your Windows or Mac OS X computer, and select your Slingbox from the Directory. (You may need to log in to your Sling Account).

  2. Click the Standard View icon (circled in red), and select Reconfigure Video Input:

  3. Click Component or Composite, then click Add Device to reconfigure your video input:

  4. Follow the instructions to add a new AV device, and you should be good to go.

For Slingbox 350 and Slingbox 500 models

  1. Using your Windows or Mac OS X computer ... go to and connect to your Slingbox. (You may need to log in to your Sling Account.)

  2. Click Settings, at the center-top of the screen.


    The Settings screen displays.

  3. Click Configure Input.

    The Select Video Input screen displays.

  4. Click the "x" next to the listing for your old set-top box model.


    The input now says Unconfigured.

  5. Make sure the proper input is selected (most likely it's the one that you just worked with), then click Next.

  6. On the TV Service screen, select your TV programming provider. Click Next.

  7. On the Channel Lineup screen, confirm that you're seeing the correct channels. If not, click Back to reselect your TV programming provider. If all's well, click Next.

  8. On the Set Up Your Remote screen, either search for the make and model of your new set-top box by typing the box's make and model in the white field ... or click Pick to select from a list.
    Once you've selected your new set-top box, click Next.

  9. Follow the directions on the Test Your Remote screen to make sure that everything works correctly.

  10. If you see a dialog box that says We detected an HDMI video source, answer SAME if you have both the HDMI and the Component video cables connected to the same set-top box. This is very important!

    If the HDMI and the Component cables are connected to different sources, click DIFFERENT.

  11. You're all done! Enjoy your new set-top box.

For earlier Slingbox models

  1. Using your Windows or Mac OS computer ... go to and connect to your Slingbox. (You may need to log into your Sling Account.)

  2. Click Settings, at the center-top of the screen.

    The Settings screen displays.

  3. Click Configure Input.

    The Slingbox Setup screen displays.

  4. Select the Slingbox input that you need to reconfigure, then click Next.


  5. Follow the onscreen instructions for remote control setup.

  6. We download the IR Binary (just a fancy way of saying we are downloading your remote's information).

  7. Setup then shows your remote and asks you to test it out. Try changing channels, look at the guide, anything you normally do with your remote.

  8. Next, we ask you how you enter channels into your remote. This helps us to better configure your Sling remote when you use Watch on

  9. Enter your zip code when prompted.

  10. Finally, select your provider. After you complete this step, you're ready to watch your TV on Watch on


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