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All about your Sling Account

Here's basic information on what your Sling Account can do for you.

A Sling Account stores your Slingbox information and SlingPlayer settings (like passwords and Favorites) all in one place, making it easy to travel with you. A Sling Account is required for all current Sling Media software products. It differs from a DISH Anywhere Account because a DISH Anywhere Account is used with products from DISH Network.

You use your Sling Account to:

  • keep track of your Slingbox IDs and passwords
  • locate your Slingbox when you're watching your TV away from home
  • display your personalized Favorites and program information in the SlingPlayer Guide
  • get assistance from Sling Media Support
  • register your Sling Media product

How do you get started?

Just create a Sling Account if you don't already have one. Then log in the next time you're asked by SlingPlayer or Watch on There's no need to do that more than once: we remember your Sling Account info after you've logged in the first time.

Creating a Sling Account:

  1. If you are using Watch on from your computer for initial setup, you will be prompted to set up a Sling Account at the beginning of the process.
  2. Follow the on-screen instructions for Don't have an account? Sign up.
  3. If you have a Slingbox 500 and use the on-screen setup, you will set up your Sling Account near the end of the setup process.

Note: We don't sell your information to other companies, and you don't have to hear from us if you don't want to!

Once you have a Sling Account:

  • Log in with SlingPlayer by entering your Sling Account info when prompted.
    Your Slingbox settings are automatically downloaded to your computer or to your mobile device.
Your Sling Account will sync with all other Sling Media sites, including:
  5. (our online forums!)

Changing your Sling Account information:

Go to, where you can:

  • Update your profile information, including your email address and password
  • Update your Slingbox Directory, including:
    • Change the Slingbox name or password for a Slingbox PRO-HD or older Slingbox in your directory
    • Add a Slingbox PRO-HD or older Sllngbox to your directory
    • Remove a Slingbox PRO-HD or older Slingbox from your directory

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The Slingbox ID is a unique number given to each Slingbox. SlingPlayer uses it to locate your Slingbox on the Internet when you're watching your TV away from home. If you need your Slingbox ID for any reason, here's how to find it.

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