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I bought SlingPlayer from the iTunes App Store. Can I use it on other Apple devices I own?

Here is how to use SlingPlayer products purchased from the Apple iTunes Store on other supported devices.

If you bought SlingPlayer for iPhone/iPod touch or SlingPlayer for iPad from the iTunes Store:

  • The iTunes App Store allows you to purchase the application and then use it on up to 10 devices, as long as all of the devices are all under the same Apple ID. Note that "iTunes-authorized computers" that are under the same Apple ID are considered part of that total of ten devices ... even though you cannot install SlingPlayer on them.

  • Along that same line: you can only share SlingPlayer with other iOS-supported devices.

To use SlingPlayer on other iTunes-supported devices:

  • To use SlingPlayer for iPhone/iPod touch on another iPhone or iPod Touch ... or on an iPad ... go to the App Store app, search for SlingPlayer for iPhone, and install it over the air by following the on-screen prompts. Or, you can sync SlingPlayer to the new device in iTunes.

  • Whichever method you use, iTunes downloads and installs the software to your device.

What about SlingPlayer for iPad?

  • SlingPlayer for iPad is a different app than SlingPlayer for iPhone or iPod touch - it's optimized to take full advantage of our latest streaming technology, and of the stunning full-screen resolution of the iPad.

  • Just like SlingPlayer for iPhone, you can install SlingPlayer for iPad on up to 10 iPad devices via iTunes.

  • SlingPlayer for iPad does not work on the iPhone or iPod touch. But you can use SlingPlayer for iPhone/iPod touch on your iPad if you like. Just remember the viewing size will be iPhone-sized.

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