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What is an original ("Classic") Slingbox, and how do I know if I have one?

Do you have the original Slingbox, also known as the "Classic?"

The Slingbox "Classic" was the first Slingbox model that was sold. There are still many in use, happily streaming video.

How do I identify a Slingbox "Classic"?

  1. Is your Slingbox silver-colored?
  2. Does it look like a three-part ingot (a cast hunk of precious metal, like silver or gold)
  3. Do the holes on its top spell out all kinds of things you can stream with your Slingbox?

If you can answer "yes" to any of these questions ... and especially if you can answer "yes" to all of those questions ... then you have an original Slingbox "Classic" in your possession.


Using the Slingbox "Classic"

The Slingbox "Classic" can be connected to one audio/video device using any of its ports:

  • one analog cable TV port
  • two S-Video ports
  • two mini-A/V ports

The Slingbox "Classic" does not work with:

  • SlingPlayer for iPhone/iPod touch, Android;
  • Watch on for the Mac

Keep your Slingbox "Classic" up to date! If you're advised that there's an update for your Slingbox, be sure to accept it.

Affected Products
  • Slingbox Classic
Affected Countries
  • All
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