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Viewing and Controlling Your Slingbox from SlingPlayer for Android Phones

With your Android smartphone and SlingPlayer for Android Phones, you can enjoy watching all your of TV programs ... and program your DVR, too!

General functions

If you tap the screen of your Android phone while connected to your Slingbox, you can access options for controlling your Slingbox from SlingPlayer:

  • Guide shows the onscreen guide for the connected set-top box.
  • Quality lets you select HQ or SQ quality settings, as well as the Audio Only option.
  • Aspect toggles the aspect ratio options.
  • Zoom Out/Zoom In toggles the available screen zoom options.
  • Sources lets you choose between the inputs on your Slingbox.
  • Disconnect ends your SlingPlayer session and returns you to the disconnected page.
There are also two icons that appear in the upper-right corner of the screen:
  • The Social Media button social-media-icon.ashx lets you share what you're watching with your Facebook friends.
  • Click the remote control button remote-control-icon.ashx to reveal the remote controls.

The Remote Control Overlay

To view and control your Slingbox from SlingPlayer for Android Phones, tap the remote control icon in the upper-right corner of the touchscreen. This displays the remote control overlay.

The remote control overlay includes buttons for controlling your video recorder or player, changing channels, and performing most of the other functions that are available on your remote control at home.

The remote control overlay "floats above" the viewing screen, as in this example:


You can easily dismiss the controls by tapping the screen again.

Controlling Your Slingbox

When you tap the remote control icon in the upper right corner of the SlingPlayer window, the remote overlay appears, offering a choice of four main groups of controls:

Playback Controls D-Pad Controls
BUTTON1.ashx BUTTON2.ashx
Keypad Miscellaneous Controls
BUTTON3.ashx BUTTON4.ashx

Depending on the video source connected to the Slingbox that SlingPlayer is controlling, some of the controls may differ.

You can perform the following remote control operations from each page of the overlays:

Playback Controls
D-Pad Controls
Play, pause, rewind, and so on

Up, down, select, page, back, and so on

Keypad Miscellaneous Controls
Manual entry of channel numbers

All available miscellaneous controls (will vary depending on which device is being controlled)

Additionally, the D-Pad control page has a second screen that you can access by tapping the multicolor button at the bottom of the page. This button is called the D-Pad Controls Toggle:
The second screen offers more controls, depending on the video source you have connected to the Slingbox currently streaming to SlingPlayer. Here are two examples of the controls offered:

Satellite Receiver DVR


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