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Will the SlingCatcher remote control act as a universal remote?

This article explains how to program SlingCatcher's remote so that it can control your other devices.

Yes, the SlingCatcher remote can act as a universal remote.
You can program the VOLUME Up and Down, MUTE, TV POWER, and TV INPUT buttons on the SlingCatcher remote control, and they'll control your TV or other device.

How does it "learn" the commands from my other remote?
Here’s how:

  1. Press the down-arrow and OK buttons on the SlingCatcher remote for five seconds to enter the learning mode. The Sling button on the remote lights steadily.
    If there is no button input for 25 seconds, the Sling button blinks 10 times and the remote exits learning mode. If this happens, you need to start over.
  2. Press the programmable button on the SlingCatcher remote that you want to program (VOLUME Up and Down, MUTE, TV POWER, or TV INPUT).
    The Sling button blinks once and remains lit. If the remote doesn’t receive a signal within five seconds, the Sling button blinks 10 times and goes back to the previous step.
  3. Find the remote control for the device that you want to use with the SlingCatcher remote. Point that remote at the front of the SlingCatcher remote.


  4. Press and hold the corresponding button on the remote. The Sling button blinks 3 times when it has learned the command, and then it returns to the previous step so you can teach it another command.
    Note that you can reprogram the SlingCatcher remote control buttons as many times as you need to. The buttons will always be assigned to the last learned command.
  5. If the SlingCatcher remote doesn’t learn the command (this can happen if the signal from your device remote control is weak or in rare cases is incompatible with the SlingCatcher remote control), the Sling button blinks 10 times and goes back to the previous step.
  6. When you’re done, press any non-learning button on the SlingCatcher remote to exit learning mode, or just wait 25 seconds. The Sling button will blink 10 times then turn off to indicate the remote has exited learning mode. You should now be able control your TV or other device with the SlingCatcher remote control.
What kind of devices would I be able to control?
Most kinds of devices that use an infrared (IR) based remote control.

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