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Where can I find the Slingbox ID for my Slingbox?

Setting up SlingPlayer on a remote computer and can't figure out how to connect to your Slingbox? What you need is the Slingbox ID for the Slingbox.

The Slingbox ID is a unique number that identifies your Slingbox. No matter where you are in the world, using the Slingbox ID, SlingPlayer can locate your Slingbox and connect to it.

When connecting at home, you don't need the Slingbox ID. (It's easy to find a Slingbox that's just in another room.) But it's another matter when you're outside of your home ... whether you're nearby or far away.

You can either find your Slingbox ID using SlingPlayer (but you have to be at home). Or you can look up your Slingbox ID using your Sling Account.

How to find your Slingbox ID in your Sling Account

  • From

    1. Log in with your Sling Account by clicking the Log In link at the top right of the window.
    2. After you are logged in, your Slingbox information appears in the main part of the page.
  • From

    1. Log in with your Sling Account.
    2. Click the Slingbox Directory link on the left side of the window.
    3. Click Edit to the right of the Slingbox to show the Slingbox ID.
Slingbox ID

How to find your Slingbox ID with SlingPlayer

  1. Open your Slingbox Directory:
    • On Windows, choose Slingbox Directory from the Connect menu.
    • On Mac OS, choose Slingbox Directory from the Window menu.
  2. Click to select your Slingbox, then click Edit.
    You see the Slingbox ID listed.

This is what this screen looks like in SlingPlayer for Windows

This is what this screen looks like in SlingPlayer for Mac

If you're using a Slingbox 350, Slingbox M1, or SlingTV/Slingbox 500, you don't need to concern yourself with a Slingbox ID to connect to your Slingbox remotely. See the article linked below entitled "Automatic router setup makes it easier to connect to your Slingbox" for more information.

Sling Account Access

Sling Account Profile
Click here to view or edit your personal information in your Sling Account (such as your name, email, or Slingbox details).

Automatic router setup makes it easier to connect to your Slingbox
With older versions of SlingPlayer, you connected to your Slingbox by specifying an IP address and port. You don't have to do that anymore with Watch on or Slingplayer for Desktop.

What's a Slingbox ID? (Also known as "Finder ID" or "Slingbox Finder ID")
Here's what the Slingbox ID is, and how you can find yours.

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