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What kinds of audio and video connections can be used with the Slingbox PRO-HD?

The Slingbox PRO-HD comes with a variety of ports, allowing you to connect different kinds of audio-video equipment.

The PRO-HD has these connections:

  • Composite (Audio-video standard definition)
  • S-Video (Standard definition)
  • Analog audio
  • Digital audio
  • Component (High definition)
  • Digital antenna
NOTE: The PRO-HD can connect to up to four audio-video devices. You can switch between these devices in SlingPlayer.


You can connect the Slingbox PRO-HD directly to your TV, using the "pass-through" feature. This passes the connection from your AV device, through the Slingbox and then back to your television via an output port. Just make sure that you use the same kind of connections. For example, if you use the composite cables from an AV source, connect them to the composite inputs on your Slingbox. Then connect the composite outputs on the Slingbox to your TV.

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