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The Slingbox is designed for one viewer at a time

Only one viewer at a time can watch a Slingbox. What happens if more viewers try to connect?

If you are a Slingbox owner, and you try to connect to your Slingbox ... yet your Slingbox is already being watched by someone else with whom you've shared your Slingbox ... then you see this message:


  • Click NO, and nothing happens ... to the other person. They keep watching your Slingbox, but you don't.

  • Click YES, and you get to connect to your Slingbox. Meanwhile, the other person sees:


  • If they click NO, then they return to the Watch on Welcome screen. If there's another Slingbox available, they can watch that ... or just watch TV another time.

  • But if they click YES, the process above repeats. This could go on until someone surrenders!

Note: If you are accessing your Slingbox 500 using the TV interface, and your Slingbox is already being used by a remote viewer, you'll see similar messages. You can either wait for the remote viewer to disconnect, or disconnect them yourself.

A Guest user viewing from a computer sees this message:


The guest sees this message:

  • When they try to connect to a Slingbox that's already in use;

  • When they get "bumped" by one of the Slingbox owners while the guest is connected to the Slingbox.

Either way, the guest user has no ability to disconnect the other viewer. They must wait until the Slingbox owner disconnects.

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