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When I change channels on my Slingbox, they also change at home

When I'm watching my TV with my Slingbox and I change channels, they also change at home. Why does that happen? Is there a solution?

There might be. But first, let's look at why this is happening.

Watching your TV with your Slingbox is just like watching your TV at home ... literally!

Your TV thinks it's you!

At home, you use your remote to control your TV. And when you're away from home watching and controlling your TV with your Slingbox, your Slingbox does something very similar ... so similar, your TV can't tell the difference.

When you're watching your TV remotely, you control your TV by clicking buttons on the onscreen remote. Those commands travel over the Internet to your Slingbox at home. Your Slingbox then sends the commands with its IR blaster, the little device that looks like a small light bulb. (It's sitting in front of the little remote control window on your set-top box, DVR, or whatever programming source your TV is connected to.) It looks something like this:



The IR Blaster imitates the signals your actual remote control sends. So as far as your TV is concerned ... it's you holding your actual remote control!

So changing channels remotely is the same as changing them when I'm in front of my TV?

Yes. You're "sharing" the TV with those at home, so you'll need to cooperate with them over what to watch!

Are there any alternatives?

Consider these options if your setup allows:

  • Connect your Slingbox to a set-top box in another room. If you can, connect your Slingbox to a TV source you use less often. That way, you'll be less likely to interfere with those who are watching the main TV.
  • Use the coaxial tuner, if your Slingbox has one, as an additional remote viewing option. Try this:
    • First, hook up your Slingbox as you normally would, using the component, S-Video, or composite inputs, depending on your Slingbox and your setup.
    • Next, if you are using a cable set-top box, and your Slingbox is a "Classic," model, a Slingbox PRO, or a Slingbox PRO-HD, you can use a "video splitter" to connect your cable set-top box to the Slingbox cable (coaxial) input.
    • For normal remote viewing, try using the main Slingbox input (composite, S-Video, or component).
    • When someone else is already watching the TV ... use the Video Input setting in SlingPlayer to switch to Coax. You'll probably only be able to watch basic cable (channels 2-99), but you won't interfere with those watching the main TV.

How can folks at home tell if I'm connected to the Slingbox?

By looking at the red light in the center front of the Slingbox (not the two lights on the right side). If the center red light is glowing, it means that you are connected to your Slingbox.

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