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Embedded SlingPlayer FAQ

Have questions about the new Embedded SlingPlayer? Click on any question below to reveal its answer.

How does Embedded SlingPlayer work?

Embedded SlingPlayer lets you put SlingPlayer into your own web site or blog, making it easy to watch your home TV, security camera, or baby camera directly from your web site. When you connect a Slingbox, you can watch and keep tabs on whatever device you have hooked to your Slingbox.

What can I do with Embedded SlingPlayer?

It’s like your own version of Use the on-screen remote to watch and control your TV anytime, anywhere. Program and manage your DVR. Watch live TV or your recorded shows. Or, think of other great ways to use this version of SlingPlayer.

Which browsers and operating systems are supported?

You can connect to your Slingbox over a high-speed Internet connection on a PC or Mac with Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari. Any Adobe Flash-supported browser will work, even on a Linux machine!

What do I need to use Embedded SlingPlayer?

Embedded SlingPlayer is simple to set up. First of all, you must have a Slingbox SOLO, Slingbox PRO-HD, Slingbox 350, or Slingbox 500 with the most recent firmware. To check for firmware updates on the Slingbox SOLO or Slingbox PRO-HD, log in to your Sling account from your laptop or desktop and click Watch to access your Slingbox. From the Options tab, the presence of the Check for Updates button indicates if new software is available. The firmware on the Slingbox 350 and the Slingbox 500 is automatically updated when there is new firmware available. You must also create a Sling account to take control of your TV from anywhere.

How do I install Embedded SlingPlayer?

  1. Choose the Launch Pad or Full Player code by clicking the appropriate option on the Embedded SlingPlayer page linked below.  The Launch Pad is a widget you can embed in a blog with limited width. When clicked, a new window is launched with the SlingPlayer. The Full Player is proportionally embedded to make use of the entire web page for optimal viewing.
  2. Copy and paste the code into your blog or web page.
  3. Log in to your Sling account, select your Slingbox, and start watching your programming.

Why doesn't the Launch Pad work with my WordPress blog?

The Launch Pad widget works with WordPress, but only the paid version.

Where is the SlingPlayer Program Guide in Embedded SlingPlayer?

We do not yet have the SlingPlayer Program Guide developed for Embedded SlingPlayer, but you can use your provider's guide (use the remote to select Guide) to view options and change channels.


Is there a way to change the video quality and test the network speed?

You can quickly change the quality of your video by clicking the "Q" at the bottom of the Watch screen and choosing the desired setting. You can also test the network speed from here.


If you select Test network speed, you see the following screen:


When the testing is done, the connection speed test results are shown, along with the recommended video quality. Click Apply to apply the change to the video quality, Retest to rerun the speed test, or Dismiss to leave the settings as is.


What settings can I change in Embedded SlingPlayer?

You can choose to log out from your Sling Account, automatically connect to the last Slingbox, reset your preferences, or view the version number for this version of SlingPlayer.


How can I access advanced information about how SlingPlayer is connecting to my network?

While streaming and not in full screen mode, press Shift+Q on your computer keyboard to display the advanced streaming statistics window, which shows the connection type, current bitrate, average bandwidth, firmware version number, and other information: 


Related Information

Some Internet security and personal firewall software may interfere with your Slingbox setup or SlingPlayer
When setting up your Slingbox using, your computer may have difficulty locating your Slingbox due to the potential impact of third-party Internet security, firewall software, or browser plug-ins.

Which SlingPlayer software works with my Slingbox?
Confused about which versions of the SlingPlayer software work with your Slingbox? Here's a helpful guide to compatibility.

Embedded SlingPlayer
Put SlingPlayer into your own web site or blog.

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