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Slingbox Frequently Asked Questions

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General questions about the Slingbox

What is a Slingbox/SlingTV?

Slingbox/SlingTV is an audio-video (AV) device that you can use to watch and control your TV wherever you are, on your desktop or laptop computer, phone, tablet, and more. This is called placeshifting. Sling connects to your TV's set-top box, your TV, and your home network. After it’s all set up, all you need is an Internet connection to watch your TV anywhere – live sports, local channels, your DVR’s recorded content … even on-demand programming. SlingTV adds an on-screen interface to help find the show you want to watch or display live sports statistics while you’re watching the game.

What are the differences between Slingbox and SlingTV?

With both Sling models you can placeshift your TV anywhere in the world in up to sparkling 1080p high-definition. SlingTV adds HDMI connectors, and an intuitive on-screen interface to help you find the shows or movies you want to watch, or see live sports statistics while watching your favorite team. For a detailed comparison chart go to

Does work with both PC and Mac computers? Will it work with Slingbox/SlingTV?

With all Slingbox models (except the new Slingbox M1) you can set up your Slingbox or SlingTV and watch TV using ... with either PC or Mac computers. (More about the Slingbox M1 shortly.)

We call this feature Watch on - and it is optimized to work with these Slingbox models:

  • SlingTV/Slingbox 500
  • Slingbox 350
  • Slingbox PRO-HD
  • Slingbox SOLO

If you have an earlier Slingbox model (like the original Slingbox Classic, Slingbox TUNER, Slingbox AV or Slingbox PRO), you should be able to set up your Slingbox and and view it using Watch on (if you're using a Windows PC). But these Slingbox models aren't supported with and haven't been tested with it.

Instead, we recommend that you use the earlier desktop versions of SlingPlayer (either PC or Mac) to watch your TV with these earlier Slingbox models. While we no longer develop that older software, but we still make it available here on our website for those older Slingbox models. Just use the search bar to find it.

Note: At this time, the Slingbox M1 does not support working with Watch on To set up your Slingbox M1 and watch TV with it, please use the newest version of Slingplayer for Desktop ... it's a free download.

Can I watch with my smart TV?

The SlingPlayer app is currently not supported on any smart TVs. However, you can watch your Slingbox on a TV using a connected device, such as a Roku or an AppleTV player.

Does Slingbox work with Roku?

Yes, the latest versions of SlingPlayer for iPhone and SlingPlayer for Android Phones add Roku streamer support to extend your complete living room HDTV experience to another TV. For more information on SlingPlayer for Roku, please see Frequently asked questions about SlingPlayer for Roku.

Does Slingbox work with Apple AirPlay?

Yes, the latest versions of SlingPlayer for iPhone and SlingPlayer for iPad make it easy to use AirPlay to extend your complete living room HDTV experience to another TV in your home ... or anywhere else for that matter. Simply use the AirPlay feature in SlingPlayer for iPhone and SlingPlayer for iPad, and watch live TV on the big screen. For details on using SlingPlayer with AirPlay go to

Which Slingbox models work with the new Slingplayer for Desktop application?

At this time, the new Slingplayer for Desktop free downloadable application supports only the Slingbox M1 ... both for product set-up and for TV watching.

If there are other Slingbox models connected to the local network, they may appear in the Slingplayer for Desktop Slingbox Directory. And these other Slingbox models may (or may not) stream. But, at this time, Slingplayer for Desktop is intended only for use with the Slingbox M1, and no support is offered for any other Slingbox model.

Does Sling Media offer a universal iOS app?

No, we have separate, device-optimized apps: SlingPlayer for iPhone (and iPod touch) and SlingPlayer for iPad.

SlingPlayer for iPhone also runs on an iPad in Compatibility Mode (small size). But there's nothing like the rich high-definition of SlingPlayer for iPad! It takes full advantage of the superb iPad display.

Using Sling

Can the home viewer watch a different channel than the remote viewer?

No. If the remote viewer is accessing a Slingbox that's connected to the set-top box that's being used by the home viewer, they both must watch the same programming. The only way that a home and a remote viewer can only watch different channels if the Slingbox is connected to a set-top box that's not being used by a home viewer. Some Sling fans connect their Slingbox to a secondary set-top box that isn't watched as often at home.

How many viewers can use a Slingbox/SlingTV at once?

Only one remote user can access the Slingbox at a time. This article gives more details:

"The Slingbox is designed for one viewer at a time."
Can the virtual remote feature within SlingPlayer control a set-top box and a TV?

The virtual remote can only control the video source configured during setup, and not any other devices.

Can I access the Slingbox/SlingTV from another country?

Yes ...that's the idea! You can watch your TV wherever you happen to be. All you need is an Internet connection, and you can access your Slingbox or SlingTV via a laptop, desktop, smartphone or tablet ... or via connected devices to watch your TV on another TV.

Can Slingbox/SlingTV control my DVR?

Yes, with its built-in IR emitter, the Slingbox/SlingTV can control all the functions of your set-top box. You can access your program guide, watch recorded shows, even enjoy on-demand features. It's just like sitting in front of your TV at home!

I just bought SlingPlayer for my mobile device (iPhone, Android, iPad, etc.). What would I use Watch on for?

If you're using SlingPlayer on your mobile device (like an Android tablet, an iPad, etc.) you may still need to use Watch on on a PC or Mac computer to configure (or reconfigure) an older generation Slingbox, and to set up a new home router properly. It's a process which only takes a few minutes ... but it requires a computer, as older generation Slingboxes can't be configured with a mobile version of SlingPlayer.

You only need to configure a Slingbox when it's the first time you're using it ... and you only need to reconfigure it when you've changed something, like your set-top box or your network router.

To set up and configure a Slingbox M1, you must download and install the free Slingplayer for Desktop application, and use that for setup and viewing.

What is the impact on my wireless data limit when using the SlingPlayer mobile app?

Check with the Internet provider with whom you have the limited plan (usually either your home Internet provider or your mobile phone carrier). Most providers offer online (or mobile phone-based) tools that you can use to check your data usage on a regular (even daily) basis. These tools can help you monitor usage, and make sure that your data plan is the right one for you based on your needs. For more information, please go to I have a limited data plan, can I use a Slingbox?

Does the Slingbox have a power switch?

There is no power switch. For the remote access feature to work, the Slingbox must remain powered on at all times.

Slingbox setup questions

What are the technical specifications and network requirements of the Slingbox M1 and SlingTV?

A detailed list of technical specifications for the Slingbox M1 can be found at

A detailed list of specifications for SlingTV can be found at

Do I need a set-top box for the Slingbox?

You can connect to practically any audio-video (AV) source. You can hook up Sling to thousands of compatible standard-definition (SD) or high-definition (HD) sources, including DVRs, satellite receivers, security cameras, Blu-ray players, DVD players, etc.

How many inputs does the Slingbox M1 and SlingTV have?

The Slingbox M1 has:

  • 1 component input/output
  • 1 composite input/output
  • 1 shared RCA audio input/output

The SlingTV adds an HDMI input/output for added on-screen functionality.

How do I know if Slingbox/SlingTV is compatible with my device?

Sling is compatible with most A/V devices such as cable or satellite receivers, Blu-ray or DVD players, even VCRs. And SlingPlayer works on most mobile devices such as iOS phones and tablets, Android phones and tablets, Windows Phone, Windows 8.1 devices, and Kindle Fire tablets. For more information please go to Which SlingPlayer software works with my Slingbox?

How do I watch my TV with a mobile device?

Download the SlingPlayer app to your Android or iOS device, Windows Phone or Kindle Fire from its app store – this is a premium app. For more information on the various mobile players for smartphones and tablets, please go to

Can I connect Slingbox/SlingTV via Wi-Fi?

Yes ... both Sling devices include built-in Wi-Fi as well as an Ethernet port. Using the on-screen set-up on your TV, you can use the Wi-Fi feature that is built into SlingTV to connect to a wireless-enabled router in your home network. Slingbox M1 can be configured via the free Slingplayer for Desktop application.

How can I watch remotely on a TV set?

You can watch your Slingbox/SlingTV on a TV using a connected device, such as Roku or Apple TV. Simply connect the device to your TV via HDMI, connect it to your home network, and use the Slingplayer mobile app for iOS or Android to play to the TV via the connected streamer.

What if I can't find the help I need?

If you've tried searching for help using the Search bar above, but can't find what you need, there are other options for you to try:

An active, moderated forum community where users help each other find answers to technical issues.

Our Sling Support Videos

A growing library of Support Videos which offer the latest tech-tips and configuration help.

Purchase Questions

How can I purchase Slingbox/SlingTV?

You can purchase a Sling products at or from one of our valued retail partners listed on

Can I use a US-purchased Slingbox in another country?

A Slingbox/SlingTV purchased in the US includes a US-specific 110V AC adapter, which only works in North America. SlingTV also has on-screen features that are only supported in North America.

Does Sling Media have a bulk discount program?

Please contact to request more information on bulk discounts.

Does Sling Media have an upgrade discount?

Yes, we offer an upgrade discount to owners of current or older Slingbox models. Please go to for details.

Does Sling Media offer installation service?

We do not offer home installation. The Slingbox M1 and SlingTV models come with a detailed step-by-step quick start and installation guide.

What is the difference between Slingbox/SlingTV and a Sling-enabled set-top box, like the Hopper with Sling from DISH Network?

The Hopper with Sling set-top box has Slingbox technology built in. It is ready to placeshift your TV wherever you are in the world. The Slingbox 350 or SlingTV/Slingbox 500 offer placeshifting for set-top boxes that do not include Slingbox technology. DISH subscribers who currently use the Hopper Whole Home DVR, ViP 722 or ViP 722k DuoDVR receiver can also ask their DISH representative about the Sling Adapter. For more information on Sling Adapter, go to

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