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More SlingLink and SlingLink TURBO troubleshooting

This article discusses some of the more common reasons why the SlingLink and SlingLink TURBO units may not work in some homes.

If you're just starting to troubleshoot a problem with your SlingLinks or SlingLink TURBO units, see the A guide to SlingLink and SlingLink TURBO troubleshooting article, linked below.

If you've tried everything in that article and you're still are having problems, follow these steps:

1. Double-check that the units themselves are working properly. Plug them both into the same power outlet as shown here:Slinglink-same-outlet.ashx

The Link lights on both units should come on.

On the SlingLink TURBO, the Link light looks like this (note the center light):slinglink-link-light2.ashx

On the SlingLink Classic, the Link light looks like this:SlingLink-Classic_callout.ashx

2. If the Link lights don't come on and the SlingLinks still don't work, contact us. Our contact information is to the right of this window. We'll do some more troubleshooting with you to narrow down the problem.

3. If the SlingLinks are OK, try plugging them into two different outlets.

Note that the power for the entire house shown above comes from one power line.

If the SlingLinks fail, the power outlets in your home may be divided into separate phases. This means that you may have two or more independent power lines coming into your home, with some outlets on one phase and other outlets on another.

When the SlingLinks are plugged into outlets that are on different phases, they can't communicate.

4. If your power outlets in your home are divided between multiple phases, you may need to try your SlingLinks on several outlets to find the outlets that share the same phase.

Typically, there's no obvious way to tell if the outlets in your home all come from the same phase, even when you look at the circuit breakers or fuse box. Your house may have a separate circuit breaker or fuse for each room but if the power comes from the same supply line, SlingLinks will work.

If the power comes from split or multiple supply lines, SlingLinks may not work.

Note: If you have questions about the wiring in your house you should contact a qualified electrician.

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