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A guide to basic SlingLink and SlingLink TURBO troubleshooting

Are you having problems getting your Slingbox online? Do you think that the issue might be with your SlingLinks or SlingLink TURBO units? Here are some basic troubleshooting steps.

Most of the time, SlingLinks work without a problem. If there are problems, they're usually easy to find and fix:

  • A loose Ethernet connection

  • An outlet not being switched on

  • A SlingLink that's plugged into a power strip (power strips and surge protectors often have filters that prevent the SlingLinks from communicating with each other)

  • Too many things plugged into the same outlet as the SlingLink. This can happen if you use an adapter like the one shown below:


Occasionally, the problem is a bit more complex. Don’t worry. We’ll guide you through the troubleshooting process.

Some symptoms:lights_on_slinglinks.ashx

  • Your Slingbox doesn't show up on your network.

  • The Network light on the Slingbox (pictured to the right) just keeps blinking.

  • The Link light on the Slingbox (also pictured to the right) is not lit.

Note: If the Network light on your Slingbox keeps blinking and the Link light on your SlingLink is lit, then the SlingLink is most likely not the issue. Check the other articles listed below. You'll find a solution there.


Try each step below. If that step doesn’t fix the problem, go on to the next one.

1) Plug the SlingLinks directly into an outlet.

Again, power strips and surge protectors often have filters that prevent the SlingLinks from communicating with each other.


2) Check for network issues.

Connect your Slingbox directly to the router to see if there is a network connection. (You might try resetting your Slingbox as well.)

3) Check for electrical interference.

While it's uncommon, electrical interference may prevent the SlingLinks from talking to each other. Some common sources of electrical interference are:

A power adapter plugged into the same outlet

Many electronic devices have power adapters or power supply units that plug into an outlet. These can emit interference. This can cause a problem if the SlingLink is plugged into the same outlet. Try plugging the power adapter into another outlet or into a power strip or surge protector, and then try your SlingLinks again.

Halogen lights

Some halogen lamps emit a lot of electrical interference that's sometimes picked up and carried by the wiring in your house. If you have a halogen lamp, unplug it and try your SlingLinks again. If the problem goes away, plug the halogen light into another outlet, or into a power strip or surge protector.

4) Restart your stuff.

Do it in this order:

a. Unplug your Slingbox

b. Unplug SlingLinks

c. Unplug your router.

After they're all unplugged, plug them back in starting with the router, then the SlingLinks, and finally your Slingbox.

5) Check the SlingLinks themselves.

Plug them both into the same power outlet as shown here:plug_into_same-outlet.ashx

The Link lights on both units should come on.

If the Link lights still don't turn on and the SlingLinks don’t work, contact Sling Media. Our contact information is at the right of this window (look for Get More Help). We'll do more troubleshooting with you to narrow down the problem with your SlingLinks.

If the Link lights turn on but the SlingLinks don’t work, see the troubleshooting articles linked below for more help.

More troubleshooting steps to try

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This article discusses some of the more common reasons why the SlingLink and SlingLink TURBO units may not work in some homes.

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