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SlingPlayer displays the wrong onscreen remote control. How do I fix it?

The SlingPlayer onscreen remote control doesn't require batteries! But it does need a few setup steps to display properly.

Before Watch on and your Slingbox can control your AV device, you must select the AV device's manufacturer and model when setting up your Slingbox. The choice that you make determines which remote control appears on your screen.

If Watch on is displaying the wrong remote control, try reconfiguring the video source that the AV device is connected to by choosing Configure Inputs from the Settings option on the toolbar. After you select the input that your AV device is connected to on the Slingbox, you can enter the manufacturer and model of your AV device, or you can pick from a list.

Can't find your AV device in the list? While there are thousands of virtual remote controls available in Watch on, there's always a chance that the one for your device isn't among them. Before giving up, try the following:

  • If the manufacturer is listed, but not your specific device, try similar devices from the same manufacturer. Sometimes you may find that a similar model's remote works. Or, some manufacturers and providers, such as DirecTV, have default remotes that often work with most of their devices.

  • If you don’t see your manufacturer, be sure to check the list for the service provider. For example, your TiVo DVR might be manufactured by Humax, which isn’t on the manufacturers list. However, TiVo is listed, and the virtual remote controls listed for TiVo work for all TiVo makes.

  • If you still can't find a suitable manufacturer, choose Other from the list and try the options listed there. Or, you can request that a new remote control be created by clicking the link below.

  • If you don't get the results that you are looking for and you have advanced technical skills, you can try to upload a custom remote from a third party as a last resort. See the article linked below for more information.

Note: New devices are included all the time. If you are prompted to update the browser plug-in for Watch on, be sure to perform the update before re-configuring your AV device.

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