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SlingPlayer says I must update my Slingbox, but there's no option for that on Setup on

If you're getting a message that you must update the firmware on your Slingbox when trying to use SlingPlayer on your mobile device, but can't figure out how to do that, this article should help.

This message appears when it's time to update your Slingbox firmware. To update your firmware, you must access your Slingbox from a supported web browser (see link below for supported browsers) on your computer — you cannot update your Slingbox directly from any of the mobile versions of SlingPlayer.

If your firmware is out of date, when you go to Slingbox Setup at you see a button on the right side of the window that says Check for Updates that you must click. It looks like this:


What if there's no option for you to update the Slingbox Firmware?

Don't see the Check for Updates option? This is probably because you are away from home (or not directly connected to your home network for some other reason). In some situations, based on your Slingbox configuration, you may need to be at home on your home network to update the firmware inside your Slingbox.

Although it's not always necessary, we usually recommend that firmware updates are performed while at home. This helps minimize errors during the update. Also, if you're at home, you can reset your Slingbox and start over in the rare event that there's a problem with the update.

If you do not see the Check for Updates button as pictured above when you go to, please try to update again when your computer is connected directly to your home network.

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