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My Slingbox won't connect and won't reset; all lights are on except the network light

I can't connect to my Slingbox, and I've tried several things to resolve the situation.

Here's what I've done:

  • Made sure the device is powered up

  • Checked all connections

  • Reset the box as instructed in the article below.

The power light is on, and the Slingbox logo is fully-lighted. But the network light is off. What can I do?

Consider replacing the power supply

Very often the problems you've described are caused by a defective power supply. You have two options:

  1. If your Slingbox is within its warranty period: contact Sling Media Technical Support. An agent can help you troubleshoot this problem. If the cause turns out to be defective hardware, the agent can arrange for a replacement for you.

  2. If your Slingbox is outside of its warranty period: you can purchase a new power supply from the Sling Media Online Store. There's a link to the right for your convenience. Be sure to:

    1. Click the Replacement Parts tab in the Sling Media Online Store.

    2. Select the power supply that is for your specific Slingbox model. Using the wrong one can damage your Slingbox!

Important note: while the cost of a new power supply is fairly modest, you are purchasing it at your own risk. Sling Media cannot guarantee that replacing the power supply will solve this particular problem.

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Affected Products
  • Slingbox 350
  • All Slingbox Models
  • Slingbox 500 - SlingTV
Affected Countries
  • All
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