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Support Downloads

Need to download a software product or utility? Look here.

To download the latest versions of Slingplayer for Desktop or SlingPlayer for Mobile Devices, go to the link below.

To find older software or utilities, see the following:

I have an older Slingbox or older computer and need to download the SlingPlayer 2.0 desktop software.

Note that these are older versions - they haven't been supported in quite a while, or qualified for use with any of our latest Slingbox models.

Go here for the Windows version of the SlingPlayer 2.0 desktop client, and here for the Mac version.

Where do I go to find Windows-only software for my SlingCatcher?

Go here for the SlingCatcher software.

Windows-only, there is no Mac support for SlingCatcher software.

I need the older SlingLink software utility.

Go here for the SlingLink utility software.

Windows-only, there is no Mac support for SlingLink software.

Note that we no longer sell or support SlingLink hardware.

Where do I go to get SlingPlayer software downloads for my mobile device?

Read this article, How to download older SlingPlayer software for mobile devices, for more information.

What if I can't find the help I need?

If you've tried searching for help using the Search bar above, but can't find what you need, there are other options for you to try:
An active, moderated forum community where users help each other find answers to technical issues.

Our Sling Support Videos
A growing library of Support Videos which offer the latest tech-tips and configuration help.

And if you just want to talk or chat with a real person, we have Sling Support Professionals waiting to help! Just look to the right of any page for contact details.

Slingplayer Downloads

Slingplayer Product Downloads
This is where you download the current SlingPlayer for Desktop, as well as get access to the various markets for SlingPlayer for Mobile Devices.

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Which SlingPlayer software works with my Slingbox?
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